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For over 10,000 years, mankind’s has been an unknowing host to the most treacherous virus ever to exist. Ophidian 8 has single-handedly transformed the human race into slaves with one singular purpose: to consume. Ophidian 8 disrupts the biological processes of inedia, and dooms the host to become a slave to food and drink for all eternity.

Ophidian 8 lives off of the food and liquid we ingest. The only way to kill Ophidian 8 is to ingest parts of our own body forcing Ophidian 8 to cannibalize itself. Once you have completely cleared your body of the Ophidian 8 infection you will become, “Whole.”

Once you have rid yourself of the Ophidian 8 you will become purly blissful. Eat Yourself™ is all about bliss!

Ninety-nine percent of people presently have the most devastating and debilitating physical condition every to exist, and modern science does not even acknowledge it. Even more startling is the fact that we have the cure already!

Can you go three weeks without eating? Of course not, you might say. But what if I told you that you could. What if I said you could live forever and never need to eat another bite?

Eating is nothing more than an addiction caused by a parasite in your body. For over 20,000 million years mankind has been infected with a parasite whose sole purpose is to drive us into a frenzy of consumption that clouds our minds from the primary truth.

Fortunately, Ophidian 8 has one known cure: self-cannibalism.

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