Who created
Eat Yourself™?

Eat Yourself™ was designed, illustrated, and programmed by Jason M. Gottlieb.

Where was it created?

Eat Yourself™ was created at Studio JMG in Baltimore, Maryland.

What is Plump?

Plump is the official Eat Yourself™ typeface. Designed to resemble flesh and guts, with a tasty candy coating.

What is Starling?

Starling is the awesome cross platform game engine that was used to develop Eat Yourself™!

What software
was used?

Eat Yourself™ was developed using Adobe CC, Spine, Texture Packer and Particle Designer.

When can I play
Eat Yourself™?

Play Eat Yourself™ at Artscape 2014 in Baltimore, Maryland July 18th-20th!