Custom Cannibalism!

Personalize your Self-Cannibalism and gain special powers and abilities!

Puketastic Powerups!

Cleanse your body with Holy Ipecac, Enemas, and Seltzer.

Holy Hurl!

Lose weight fast and push away obstacles with an Ipecac Tsunami!

Deadly Defecation!

Ram airships and rocket through levels with Turd-bo Enemas!

Beautiful Burps

Clear the skies and stun airships with sublime Seltzer Burps.

Epic Levels!

New levels make you drool for your own flesh and dodge for your life!

Peace Power!

Collect Peace Tokens to enhance your Super Peace Cannons!

Golden Showers!

Collect falling Eat Inc Coins and buy a cornucopia of sacrilicious upgrades!


More insane brain imploding and tongue exploding features are in development!