Why Eat Yourself?

Self-cannibalism leads to Peace, Happiness, and Freedom.


To Eat Yourself™ is the most peaceful way to eat. In fact, eating anything other than yourself is cold blooded murder!

But don't worry, we forgive you. You probably didn't know food feels pain just like you and me.

Join for Peace

and end the food genocide.


Eating food makes you sad, because it's murder. But Eating Yourself makes you happy, because it's murder free!

Self-Cannibalism makes you smile because it tastes great, makes you lose weight, saves you money on groceries, and gives you an invigorating rush!

Taste Happiness

in a Pinky the Pig™ Bib"
(coming soon)


To Eat Yourself™ is to declare freedom from food addiction, and it's also your first step towards freedom from your physical body.

When you Eat Yourself™ completely, you become Whole™. A state of sublime freedom, that can be yours today for only 99 Eat Inc coins! (Inquire with Boris)

Feel Freedom

with FREE Paper Toys"